What to Look For

With so many companies offering water treatment systems and such a wide range of prices, it’s difficult to know how one system compares to another. Listed below are some important tips to help consumers make an informed decision about their needs.


  1. Many new companies open up each year with limited experience and knowledge about the water treatment industry.
  2. Many companies close down every year leaving consumers without service and warranty support.
  3. Shop with a national company that can provide warranties, service, parts and filters.


  1. Ask to read the original manufacturers warranty. Do not accept verbal promises from the salesperson.
  2. Does a “lifetime” warranty cover your life?, the companies life?, your home’s life?, or the salesman’s life?
  3. A “lifetime” warranty is always a “limited lifetime” with the most expensive parts not covered for more than a year or two.
  4. Make sure the warranty is fully transferable if you move to a new home or want to sell the unit to a new owner.


  1. WQA (Water Quality Association) is an important third party certification organization for water treatment systems.
  2. WQA has established the highest standards for product claims, manufacturing practices and product design
  3. Make sure the entire system you’re evaluating is certified and not just a specific component.


  1. Efficiency refers to how much regenerant (salt or potassium) is required, how much water is needed, and how much time it takes to regenerate the system.
  2. One system may use 4-5 time less regenerant and 9-10 times less water than another.
  3. Consumers should compare the cost to operate and amount of maintenance required on each system they’re considering.


  1. Shop and compare with reputable national companies. A low price is no bargain if the company is out of business in a year or two.
  2. Make sure the quoted price includes installation. Get a written quote and make sure there are no hidden charges.
  3. The company should provide literature, specifications, operating costs, written warranties and third party validations on the exact system quoted.

Maintenance Costs

  1. Review costs to operate a system as well as cost to purchase
  2. In many cases, the maintenance costs on a low priced system exceeds the savings.
  3. The best value is the combination of a quality product with low maintenance and a solid manufacturers warranty.


  1. Ask to see an owners manual before purchasing and review how to operate the system.
  2. Find out how to troubleshoot the system if something goes wrong and to set or reset the unit.
  3. If shopping for a drinking water system, review how to change the filters and how long the components last.

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