We're proud to have helped out thousands of customers with the water issues since we opened in 1988, and we're always really glad to get feedback from our customers!

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5 Star Water ReviewsWow – I’ve used another water softener, and I had no idea – it actually wasn’t working! When I got the Kinetico I noticed a HUGE difference!! Love it. When I sell or move, I’m taking the Kinetico with me! And now that I also have the RO system-wow, everything tastes much better!!!

- Michael, Waterloo, Ontario

5 Star Water ReviewsA few years back when my wife and I and 4 children (ages 8,6,4,2) and moved to the Kitchener/Waterloo area we rented a home that had a Water Softener and Drinking system manufactured by the Kinetico Corporation. We were so impressed by the economy of the system in how little salt and water it used that we knew that when we bought our own home Kinetico was without question at the top of our list when considering a Water Softener and Drinking system.

When we purchased our home, trying to be a good consumer I researched other brands of Water Softeners and Drinking Systems and when all things were considered Kinetico was the best value for our money. Since the day a little over 5 years ago when we bought our Water Softener and Drinking system it has been our privilege to deal with Ken at “5 Star Water Solutions”. He expertly installed our system and has been helpful in more ways than I can put on this page. Thank you for taking time to read this.

- Daniel O’Hern, Waterloo, Ontario

5 Star Water ReviewsThank you for such amazing products! We have noticed a profound difference in the quality of our water since switching to the Kinetico full house system and a de-chlorinator.

Bath water with no chlorine is soft and healthy. We are so glad that we purchased this system to go with our Kinetico drinking water system.
We also appreciate the years of dedicated service from Ken and the expertise of George who ensured that installation was perfect. Thank you friends at 5 Star Water.

- Wayne and Donna, Cambridge, Ontario

5 Star Water Reviews[I am writing about my] extreme satisfaction with the dechlorminator I had installed at my residence.
I did not want Chlorine fumes any longer residing in my house. I purchased the whole house Dechloriminator with the KDF technology. I’ll tell you, what a difference!

Feel free to pass on my experience with this filter unit to any of your clients who are deciding on getting a unit installed. I think that I should become the poster boy for the product, since I am a big believer in it!

- Doug

We had our 5 Star Water system installed on Friday May 5th. We were so impressed with the young man that installed it. He is very polite and very pleasant. He is the nicest person we have had do a job in our home for a long time. We thank you for such a respectful employee. We are enjoying our new system.

Thanks again.

- Mary and Gary, Waterloo Ontario

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